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Your 24-hour skin

Within 24 hours, the skin's environmental state changes, which can affect how we care for it and allows us to depict the proper timing to use certain skincare.

Here is a breakdown on your skin over 24hrs:


The skin is more ALKALINE at this time of the day. When our skin becomes more alkaline, it can be very damaging to our lipid barrier. The depletion of these natural delicious lipids has the potential to disrupt the skin's ecosystem and protection. This is also typically the time of day when we cleanse the skin, leaving it dry, stripped, and exposed to the harsh environment, leaving the skin vulnerable. 

My advice is to skip the cleanse and let your barrier protect you from the harsh elements of the day.


Your oil production is at its peak at this time of day, due mainly to the external elements, such as ultraviolet rays and those pesky free radicals. 

At this point, protection is paramount. Antioxidants and SPF are non-negotiable.

4pm - ACIDITY 

At this time of day, your skin is more acidic. The more acidic the skin, the greater the risk of inflammation. Inflammatory breakouts, redness in the cheeks, eczema, dermatitis, and many other skin inflammation issues may worsen. 

Moisture and anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as niacinamide are required, as are hydrating moisturisers or a hydrating spritz / mist.


The skin is more absorbent and now is the time to get those active ingredients infused into the skin! Depending on your skin goals, now is when I recommend using your Vitamin A, Stem Cells and Peptides to combat any damage and boost youthful skin. Don't forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Hopefully, you've fallen asleep by this point; if not, go to bed! Have you ever heard that your skin cells repair themselves while you sleep? At this time of night, your skin cells are rapidly turning over and the active ingredients you applied at 8 p.m are working their MAGIC. 

During the day, the focus is on protecting and nourishing, whereas at night, the focus is on resetting and active anti-ageing.

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