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Natalie, our Dermal Therapist shares her top 10 serums!

I am a massive fan of serums. They genuinely cause change in the skin and help it function how it is meant to. Another perk to using a serum is that they really help treat targeted skin concerns or areas of focus, whilst providing your skin with its needed nourishment.

Let's take a look at my top 10 serums!

Aspect Dr Multi B Serum

This hero serum will work to energise your skin with its multiple forms of Vitamin B’s. The results I have seen with my clients using this serum are:

  • Brighten
  • Repair the skin barrier
  • Add bounce & nourishment to the skin

I often recommend this serum for acne, sensitive & impaired barrier skin types.

Shop here.

Image Iluma Intense Brightening Serum

We cannot keep up with this serum, it sells our every week and for great reason! Even our team keep coming back to this one! It’s packed with brightening agents & Vitamin C to illuminate your skin tone. I love it for targeting pigmentation & prepping your skin for peels + needling.

Shop here.

Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide

This is an insurance policy to ageing & helping to fight fine lines & wrinkles! This serum contains 16 antioxidants to fight free radical damage & repair any damage in the skin.

Shop here.

Cosmedix Surge

I personally love this serum and have been using it for years! It contains 3 different forms of hyaluronic acid to naturally plump & hydrate the skin. I love that it also contains niacinamide to repair barrier function & smells of kiwi fruit & strawberries, divine!

Shop here.

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus

This punchy little number works super hard to even out your skin tone, as well as brighten & tighten your skin (yes please!) It also boasts niacinamide for reducing redness & tranexamic acid to reduce pigmentation + it is great for anti-ageing.

Shop here.

Dermalist Radiance All Serum

An absolute Jack-of-all-trades! This serum is an all in one! It contains 15 clinically proven actives that together, work their butts off to hydrate, brighten, firm & SO. MUCH. MORE.

Shop here.

Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant serum

The BEES KNEES of all serums for sensitive skins. I recommend this serum regularly for clients to restore balance to the skin & deeply nourish. This serum will help soothe red or inflamed skins, as well as containing lactic acid to help to decongest the skin.

Pro tip: Apply this after facial hair removal to instantly soothe the skin!

Shop here.

Societé Vitamin D complex

Aaah the old Vitamin D battle! Many Australian’s are Vit D deficient and it can cause an array of problems if you aren’t getting enough. This serum helps the skin receive its RDI of Vitamin D, as well as other vitamins to repair barrier function and deeply nourish the skin. I recommend this one for anyone who is after some hydration and something to soothe the skin.

Shop here.

Cosmedix Define

A great vitamin A starter for all skin types. This serum will help to turn over your cells faster & decongest with AHAs. I suggest starting 2-3 times a week in your night time routine and then gradually increase as your skin adjusts.

Shop here.

Image Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum

This creamy formulated serum smells of oranges & will help brighten & tighten your skin. It is best used in your morning routine to help protect from daily pollution. It contains Vitamin C & hyaluronic acid & will help to prevent water loss in the skin. It even comes in a big size if you are like me and love to apply liberally!

Shop here.

Unsure which serum may be best for you? You can book in a free virtual consult with one of our dermal therapists. We love to help bring out the best in your skin! Book here.


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