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Women who inspire our team in the beauty & aesthetics industry!

Imagine a gender equal world.

A world free of bias, stereotypes & discrimination.

A world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

A world where difference is VALUED & CELEBRATED.

At Prodermal, our team believe strongly in this movement and have crossed our arms together to show solidarity. Let's #breakthebias and forge forward to create a better world where everyone has equal opportunity.

Here are some of the powerful women in our industry who inspire our team:

Janine Tait - Bestow Beauty

Fed up with using all the tools of modern skincare and not getting breakthrough with her client’s results, Janine went on a quest to find what was missing. In an era where the industry was all about machines, needling, extreme peels and invasive quick fixes. Skin nutrition didn’t even get a look-in.

“Skin disorders became the elephant in the room that I didn’t want to mention to my clients, because I wasn’t confident that I could really make a difference.”

Bestow Beauty was born out of Janine’s desire to support her clients to care for their skin from within.

“I was aware of the key nutrients the skin needed to thrive and equally aware that our modern diet was inadequate to supply these. My clients were inspired by the idea of nourishing their skin from within, but I realised I needed to create a range of skin specific super-foods that made it easy and practical for them to do so.”

Bestow Beauty has expanded to offer a wide range of organic super-foodsrich in the specific nutrients needed to address particular skin needs and challenges. These dermo-nutrition boosters are designed to complement topical skincare and to naturally support a clear, glowing complexion. They are foundational to healthy skin for every woman whether you are dealing with acne, ageing or anything in between.

Rachael Finch - Kissed Earth

Former Miss Universe Australia, Rachael Finch was over counting calories and exercising excessively. Kissed Earth was created because she wanted to open the pathway to a more enriching life. Originally on a personal mission to find the best quality bovine collagen, her journey grew into a brand that encompasses a holistic range of superior quality products that are designed for anyone looking to boost their health and wellbeing naturally.

“We believe that by eating real foods and using products made with real ingredients, sourced from the best places around the world, we can heal our body and help us live to our full potential.”

Kissed Earth is one of Australia’s fastest-growing wellness brands committed to using only the finest quality ingredients.

Stefanie Milla

CEO & Founder of the Dermalist & CEO & Board member of ABIC

Talk about a powerhouse! Stefanie is a respected dermal expert with a long and extensive background in the industry. Her skin & pharmaceutical knowledge are unparalleled and she has worked alongside Australia’s leading leading cosmeceutical formulators, doctors, dermal clinicals and health experts.

Unable to find skincare for her clients that delivered superior clinical-grade results that was also simple to use, ethical & luxurious, she set about creating Dermalist in 2011 and after many years of planning & perfecting the range, she launched Dermalist in Australia at the end of 2019.

More recently, Stefanie became the CEO & board member of the newly formed ABIC, The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council. This council aim to help facilitate positive and much needed change in our field and achieve the collective goals of our industry.

“I believe that the impact of aesthetic treatments on the wellbeing, mental health and happiness of people is still exceedingly underestimated. My passion and focus is now on the continued progression and innovation of treatments and skincare that can enhance people’s experience of life and championing the betterment of our essential and much-loved aesthetic industry.”

Stefanie has personally trained many of our team members on the skin and the science behind her incredible products that she has formulated as part of the Dermalist offering. We can’t wait to see how Stefanie will continue to be a trailblazer in the beauty & aesthetics industry.

Jane Wurwand

Co-Founder & chief-visionary of Dermalogica

We love this story because it didn’t even start with the product. It started with quality, targeted training. Jane Wurwand was part of a skills-based training company that would up-skill a global community of skin therapists.

She realised that whilst the education and the skills were there, she wanted products that could match the outstanding training. Dermalogica grew out of a desire to provide skin therapists with best-in-class skin care products and education in 1986.

Dermalogica is the number one choice of skincare for professionals worldwide and has one common goal - to ensure healthy skin for all.

As the co-founder and chief visionary of Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute post-graduate training centres, Jane is one of the most recognized and respected authorities in professional skin therapy. Under her leadership, Dermalogica has grown to be the leading professional skin care brand, used by more than 100,000 skin therapists in more than 100 countries around the world. We love that Jane (and Dermalogica experts all over the globe)believe in the power of human touch, which radiates through our hands, our voice, and our intentions. It’s how we connect with people and form a unique, lasting bond.”


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