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What is your skin barrier & is yours impaired?

If you have visited us in clinic and undergone a thorough skin consultation, you would have heard our dermal therapists talk about “impaired barriers".

Majority of our first time clients, are suffering from an impaired skin barrier. This is not always obviously visible to the naked eye. However, when using our observe machine to take photos of the deeper layers of your skin, we are able to see if there is inflammation and over-stripped skin sitting under your epidermis.

An over-stripped skin barrier can present itself through conditions such as, acne, excessively oily skin, dermatitis, congestion, scaly skin, and red/sensitive and easily irritated faces.

So exactly what is my skin barrier?

Your skin barrier is the epidermis or outermost layer of your skin, It contains your stratum corneum, which consists of skin cells, lipids, oils and natural moisturising agents like amino acids and fatty acids.

Think of your skin barrier like the last line of defence between your face and the outside world. It keeps toxins, pollution, dirt, and grease out. So when your barrier is out of action, everything is let in.

So how can you fix your skin after you’ve damaged your barrier?

If you’re experiencing sensitive, tight, red, leathery and dry skin that just happens to be oily at the same time… this next part is for you.

1. Change up your cleanser

Less is more during this time, simplify your skincare routine right down to the basics.

Two to three steps is really all your need during this time. An oily or creamy cleanser is your bff right now, it is gentle and hydrating (just make sure there are no acids).

2. LED is your saving grace

Specifically the Dermalux red and NIR light. It will calm down any inflammation in your face, and heal whilst promoting new collagen to surface.

3. Opt for a moisturiser with Ceramides

This is the time you need to choose a moisturiser rich in skin loving Cermides to nourish and build your barrier back up and therefore combatting that “leathery” look and feel.

4. Avoid all acids (For now)

Applying acids is a favourite part of my skincare routine. But knowing when to put them down is critical when trying to restore balance in your barrier. Leave them out of your routine for 2-3 weeks and focus on hydrating and nourishing your face. When you are then able to reintroduce acids, your skin will be able to utilise the actives much more effectively. 

Unsure what your skin needs?

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