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Top PAYOT Products We Can't Live Without and Why!

For nearly 100 years, the PAYOT brand has been at women’s sides, at every life stage, offering skin and body care based on innovative formulas that incorporate the latest scientific advances. We’re all obsessed with looking younger and PAYOT continues to deliver products that every girl dreams of.

Not familiar with PAYOT? Let us give you a brief intro to this amazing brand! Like we said, for almost 100 years, Payot has been dedicated to supporting women with their skincare needs in every moment of their life. Aside from the advances that they have made with their formulas, what sets PAYOT apart is the sensoriality of its products. This sensoriality is experienced through the fragrances, colours, textures, and ways the product is applied.

Enough with the intro, let's get to the PAYOT products we can’t live without.

Everyone needs a dependable cleanser, so first on our list is the Gelee Nettoyante! This foaming gel cleanser is perfect for daily use for those who have combination to oily skin. It has activated charcoal beads that create a foamy lather. This lather quickly and efficiently helps you gently cleanse and purify your skin while tightening your pores. And each wash is an experience of its own. In their study, 100% of the participants observed that their skin is softer and visibly smoother.

Next up is a known cult favourite - Pate Grise L'Originale! It's the ultimate blemish fighter. It helps small blemishes disappear while you sleep - beauty rest anyone? It has zinc oxide, which absorbs any excess sebum, and shale extracts, that control excess sebum and helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. According to a clinical study, 90% observed a decrease in the redness, 80% observed the disappearance of impurities, AND 85% observed a decrease in the size of their blemishes. This is a must-have for when a blemish or two appear before your big day - your interview, your first day at work, a special date, your wedding or any other moment when a camera swings by you to take an HD photo.

Last up for now, even if we think all of their products are amazing which made this list hard to write, is the Eau Micellaire Express. With this PAYOT product you can quickly and efficiently remove your makeup in just one step. This one-step makeup remover has micelles, raspberry extract, and hyaluronic acid which gets the makeup off easily without drying your skin.

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