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5 Reasons People Are Going Nuts For Bioderma!

Bioderma has been around for a long time, and we're here to talk about why. So let's cut to the chase!

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1 . Their unique understanding of skin

A pioneer since the 1970’s, Bioderma products are crafted by a talented team of Biologists and Dermatologists across France. Their unique approach is all about reactivating the skin's natural resources to help it resist and recover its normal functions, which are those found in healthy skin.

2. Their focus on safety

Bioderma is here to help not harm. Their focus is on safety and they have 3 rules that never shy away from. 1. use only ingredients that are strictly necessary. 2. select optimal doses of the purest active ingredients and 3. prefer molecules already found in the skin. Each Bioderma product adheres to the most rigorous recommendations issued by the health authorities and leading dermatology companies. This is why Bioderma is recommended by 44,000 Dermatologists worldwide to treat skin concerns like intolerant skin, acne and atopic skin.

3. Their ingredients

All of Bioderma’s products are created from premium ingredients. They select the purest active ingredients, using molecules naturally found in the skin for better tolerance. Depending on the product, they are designed to preserve, activate or restore the skin's natural processes.

4. Their mission to protect your natural skin

Bioderma isn’t about fixing immediate issues, they are about building your skins tolerance and long term condition. In order to guarantee the greatest dermatological safety, Bioderma products contain a very limited number of ingredients and optimally dosed active ingredients. This uncompromising approach explains why Bioderma products improve the skin's tolerance and help it be less reactive.

5. They’re so good, they’re patented

By using only active ingredients that are already present in one’s complexion, Bioderma is able to produce over 50 international patents, including the highly coveted Sensibio H20. The Sensibio and Atoderm range contain DAF complex, a patent made from golden seaweed extract that offers a natural preservative system and increase skin’s tolerability. In addition, Sensibio products also contain a Rosactiv patent to reduce the appearance of both temporary and permanent redness, and prevent recurrence. There’s also the Fluidactiv patent, which biologically limits the thickening of sebum and regulates its quality under the Sebium range.

With a unique respect for skin, attention to detail and focus on science, it figures why Bioderma is a celebrity favourite found it thousands of makeup bags across the globe.

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