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Getaway Skin Care... Your travel skin care essentials

Traveling for the silly season? We headed over to Dermalogica HQ for a Q and A about your travel skin care and got their top tips!

Watch the videocast here, or read on for more advice on how to achieve great skin no matter where your getaway may be this festive season.

Keep things simple!

Just because you have to streamline to travel, doesn't mean you can't have an amazing skin regieme wherever you are in the world.

  • Downsize your beauty case by packing travel size products. Dermalogica have your skin covered by providing travel size kits and travel size products. If you are budget conscious, buy small travel size bottles to refill from your current Dermalogica essentials.
  • Think multipurpose products like the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser which not only cleanses but acts to resurface and exfoliate your skin too.
  • Try the Daily Resurfacer under your moisturiser to smooth, hydrate and leave your skin with a healthy glow. You can simply take pack one pouch to use per day or every second day.
  • Use the Sheer Tint Moisture spf20 as this not only acts as a moisturiser which hydrates the skin but also contains a natural looking tint and a SPF in one.
  • My getaway go-to is Power Rich because it's perfect for anyone wanting one product that does it all. This powerful product provides acid free smoothing agents and a potent complex of peptides, antioxidants and botanicals to nourish, smooth, hydrate and target ageing skin. This favourite of mine can be used all over the face and eye area. Simply just take as many of the small tubes as you need and as a guide one tube lasts about a week.
  • Samples are also a good way to reduce your travel kilos and supplement your travel size products. Start to collect your samples a few months prior to travel so that you are good to go. You can ask for specific samples in our comment box in the checkout section of your order!

The must-haves

The essentials for any trip are cleanser, moisturiser and SPF. If you need to remove the days grime, we'er loving the Pre Cleanse Balm which has its own travel mitt for clean holiday skin. This product multi tasks and can be used over the eye and lip area too. To kill two birds with one stone, you may want to choose a moisturiser with an inbuilt SPF.  Select the Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 for a normal - dry skin or the Oil Control Lotion SPF30 for an oily skin.  Alternatively, try the Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 if your skin tends to be more sensitive or gets easily sensitised.

Climate change

Sun and surf or skiing on the slopes? Research the climate, pollution and humidity so that you can be skin ready for any climate changes. If your holiday destination is highly polluted, then you may want to use a skin protector to shield against sensitisation. Include a few of the Ultracalming range of products like Barrier Repair and the Ultracalming Mist. The Agesmart Antioxidant Hydramist is also a good one as it is full of antioxidants to shield and fight free radical damage. For a colder climate, try some extra nourishment to your skin with Super Rich Repair, Barrier Repair or Dynamic Skin Recovery spf50.

Long haul hydrate

Anyone who regularly travels on long haul flights can tell you that hydration is top priority. There is a lack of humidity in the cabin air and this can lead to dehydrated, dry, flaky and itchy skin. To combat, try cleansing your skin when you get on board with a small travel size Ultra Calming Cleanser which is perfect because you don’t have to use water to remove. Then apply some AGE Smart Super Rich Repair for a drier skin type or the Ultra Calming Barrier Repair for a normal/oilier skin. Both of these can be used all over the face, eliminating the need for other products like eye creams. Spritz regularly with the AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist or Multi Active Toner which are available in travel size. If you want to hit you skin with the ultimate hydration, try the Skin Hydrating Booster, it’s like giving you skin a big glass of water.  To combat eye puffiness and tiredness, try the Stress Positive Eye Treatment and for optimal moisturising of the mouth and lips, apply the Nightly Lip Treatment. In convenient no mess packaging, these two targeted products are extremely beneficial to use during and after your flight. Alternatively, the Skin Hydrating Masque is a good one to apply and leave on to hydrate and nourish your skin whilst flying. 

If you are driving long distances, put some Multi Active Toner or Antioxidant Hydramist in the car and spritz your skin regularly and when you stop for an all important rest, apply some moisturiser and don't forget your SPF too as the car windows don't stop uv rays from hitting your skin.

Pack a small packet of moisturising wipes and some hand cream to nourish your hands and reapply every few hours.

Arrive in great shape

I always pack my own soft eye covers as the handout type can be scratchy and can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s always nice to celebrate the start of a holiday with a glass of bubbly, but limit yourself and replenish your body by regularly drinking plenty of water. Try to avoid caffeine and soft drinks as they further dehydrate and won’t do much for your skin or body. Eat lightly, move throughout the flight by taking an aisle walk and have a good stretch. Depending on the timings of the flight, you may want to change into some loose clothing after take-off and put on some flight socks to help with circulation.

Wherever you may travel this holiday season, we wish you a safe and fabulous journey.

Yours in skin,

The Prodermal Team X

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