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Say goodnight to lip lines!

Did you know that the lips are one of the most used parts of the face? But, did you also know that this area is also at risk of neglect when it comes to skin care?

This month, Dermalogica have launched their newest product especially targeted for the lips and formulated to reduce the signs of ageing. Prodermal are excited to introduce Nightly Lip Treatment!

Why do we need a lip treatment product? Well, when it comes to the lip area the skin is different. While the lips have an epidermis and dermis like the rest of our body, they are deemed to be the thinnest part of skin on our body and are devoid of sweat or oil glands. This lack of moisture means lips dry out faster with no natural protection to keep them soft and hydrated. Melanin, our bodies natural protector from sun damage is also missing from this area and along with UV exposure can be a cause of alarm as the lips are often overlooked for ageing and skin cancers. This is an area of increased sensitivity too, with many nerve endings and blood vessels close to the surface which give lips the reddish colour.

What are the tell-tale signs of ageing in this lip area? As we age, our skin naturally becomes thinner and this area is no exception. Our skin loses its elasticity, collagen degrades and this appears as wrinkling and creasing in areas around the mouth. The most common types of wrinkles in this area are “laugh lines” that run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth; “marionette lines” that are found at the corners of the mouth and run downwards, giving a sad or unhappy look and “feather lines” which are more vertical on and around the mouth and are commonly referred to as smoker’s lines. Overexposure from sun, dry air and extreme weather causing excess dryness, chapping and inflammation, ultimately leads to premature ageing and ageing skin on and around the lips.

To combat lip ageing, Dermalogica has created Nightly Lip Treatment, which responds to the lips specific requirements by firming, hydrating and helping to reduce the appearance of ageing. This new nightly treatment is part of the Age Smart range of products and specifically formulated for nightly use when our cells are in a regeneration process whereby skin cell renewal speeds up and the body’s regeneration rate nearly doubles. The Nightly Lip Treatment supplements moisture levels and addresses the signs of ageing with key ingredients and superior product technology. 

The ingredients chosen in the Nightly Lip Treatment were selected for firming, hydrating and restoring the appearance of skin ageing around the mouth.

Dermalogica have used Advance Volumising Technology which uses a Saccharide Complex to help volumise and smooth the lips whilst enhancing skin hydration. In addition to this technology, the formula contains Sesame Seed Extract, Indian Gentian Extract and Shea Butterto hydrate, repair and smooth.

For best results, the new Nightly Lip Treatment should be used as the name implies, at night! After cleansing and toning, massage into the skin around and on the lips using the applicator. The formula goes on smoothly and feels creamy, light and non-sticky. The applicator is easy to use and feels so cooling and smoothing upon applying. To boost your results further, the clever team at Dermalogica have also created a simple smoothing DIY massage...

For optimal results using it every night with consistent use will see you reap greater benefits.

Dermalogica’s associated products for the lips and lip area include Soothing Eye Make Up Remover and/or Pre Cleanse. Both of which are gentle, effective and important for your routine to ensure proper removal of lip make up. Daily Microfoliant is also great for smoothing the lip area. It is gentle and non-abrasive and perfect for lips. Skin Hydrating Masque can also be used over the lips for a twice a week hydration boost. Lastly,we can’t forget recommending the AGE Smart Renewal Lip Complex, used to combat ageing lips during the day or before applying lipstick to smooth, condition and moisturise the lips.

Want to know the age of your lips? You can! By using the fun Dermalogica read my lip age widget. Simply go to www.readmylipage.com and upload a pic of your lips to find out more...

Say goodnight to lip lines now with Nightly Lip treatment. We hope you love it as much as we do and we can’t wait to hear all about your great skin results.

Yours in skin,

The Prodermal Team X

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