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Time to make-up

Feeling confused on the latest make-up trends? With a plethora of products to choose from to give you a perfect flawless finish, it can be confusing for many of us when it comes to selecting the correct products that are good for our skin and a provide perfect make up finish.

The secret to a flawless looking skin is to have the best possible skin care routine. This means cleansing it properly with a double cleanse, toning and moisturising every day. Exfoliation and masking regularly also has an impact on the way your skin looks and feels.

With the launch of 24 hour and stay on make-up that are designed to deliver flawless finishes to the skin, one has to question the “goodness” these high-tech make-ups have on the skin and how many artificial colours, fragrances and other skin irritant ingredients are in each formulation. When choosing a foundation make up steer clear of artificial colours and fragrances as these ingredients can act as triggers for congestion, breakouts, sensitivity and irritation which in turn can lead to premature ageing. Always remember to cleanse your skin with a double cleanse to remove any trace of make-up and never sleep with your make up on!

How can you achieve a fresh luminious and natural looking foundation base that is also good for the skin?

Let’s start with primers...

Primers are designed to provide an even skin tone, help to give a flawless finish and deliver a lasting make up finish. The best time to apply a primer is after toning and moisturising and before foundation. Dermalogica provide three primers in their range which not only give great coverage but have good skin ingredients at the same time.

My personal favourite is the Skin Perfect Primer spf30. This smoothing primer is perfect for mature or prematurely aging skin. It’s silicone base combined with soy protein really help to even out skin texture. This primer is a two in one; having cosmetic benefits of providing a flawless finish whilst treating the signs of ageing. Most importantly it contains a spf30 to protect your skin from photo damage. You can use this primer alone or underneath your foundation. My favourite combination is to use it underneath the Sheer Tint spf20 for a flawless looking skin.

Hydrablur Primer is a smoothing lightweight primer for all skins. It mattifies, blurs imperfections and gives the skin smoothness with the use of a hydrating complex and a microencapsulated tint that releases the colour upon application. This primer is a multifunctional good skin product in that it acts as a primer as well as providing hydration refining pores and mattifing oily shine.

Do you suffer from redness and irritation? Then the Redness Relief Primer spf20 is perfect for you as it is a translucent redness reducing primer. This is a primer and a skin care product in one that feels velvety with its silicone base. The Ultracalming complex and soothing oats ensure that skin is left soothed and calmed. This primer can be used alone or underneath a foundation.

What about foundations?

Dermalogica Sheet Tints focus on skin health whilst providing make up benefits. These lightly tinted moisturisers in light, medium or dark, give a fresh dewy wash of colour that lets your healthy skin shine through! With the added benefits of a spf20, the Sheer Tint provides your skin with hydration in the form of Sodium Hyaluronate and antioxidants like Olive Fruit Extract. Iron Oxides give the skin the wash of colour to provide the skin with a fresh, luminous and radiant finish. Simply apply after your toner or use a primer underneath the Sheer Tint for a perfect make up finish.  My personal choice is to use Skin Perfect Primer which gives me great coverage and then Sheer Tint blended over the top which I feel gives a nice flawless foundation look and feel to my skin.

If your skin is sensitive or sensitised, an option available is the Ultra Sensitive Tint spf30 which provides the skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen and a tint in one. This tinted sunscreen is perfect to give your skin a make-up finish without compromising the health of a reactive skin. Its full of calming and soothing botanical ingredients and antioxidants to help guard skin against premature ageing.

How can I achieve a luminious dewy finish?

Try the Phyto Replenish Oil! It’s perfect to give your skin a fresh, dewy finish that is so popular. This facial oil helps to restore the skins barrier which is critical for a dewy and youthful appearance. It can be used in a few ways; simply apply directly onto the skin and follow with your moisturiser, or mix it with your moisturiser. Alternatively, for a more luminious look mix it with your favourite foundation. 

What about a smoothing finish?

The Daily Resurfacer is a personal favourite to use before the application of make-up. Applied underneath your moisturiser, it gives the skin a smooth, hydrated look and feel. Packed with exfoliating, hydrating and brightening ingredients this leave on treatment helps to even out skin tone and smooths and hydrates the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

How can I safely cover my breakouts and reduce shine?

Dermalogica have created the Medibac Concealing Spot Treatment which is perfect to conceal and hide those pesky pimples and breakouts!  Its a natural tinted treatment that can be used in the daytime as a spot treatment. This product helps to eliminate bacteria that is associated with breakouts and is Benzoyl Peroxide free.  (As a side note, this product should not be used if you have sensitivities to sulfur).  

Other faves...

As Dermalogica devotees, we always recommend products as we know they work with the skin, however, as Dermalogica don't retail lip colour/eye colour etc, we have a few faves to share. For eyes, try Hourglass' Modernist eye shadow palettes which come in a variety of colours. Their mechanical gel eye liner also gives great extended wear is so easy to use. We love Charlotte Tilbury's lip gloss which give a high gloss and perfect colour. Or try Dior's Dior Addict lip gloss for perfect colour and shine. For your blush my favourite is By Terry's Blush Glace which has a gel like texture and is perfect for a healthy flush of colour.  Nude colour lips likened to a creamy cafe au lait are on trend now and the classic red lip will never go out of style.  If you prefer a brighter stronger lip colour, try to keep the eye make up more minimal and sleek or vice versa. Finally, remember to change your mascara about every three months and wash brushes and sponges regularly to rid of bacteria and to keep them in tip top condition.  

Yours in skin,

The Prodermal Team X

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