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Natalie's top morning & evening moisturisers

Moisturisers are definitely a step in your skin care routine you don't want to skip. Our skin is the largest organ of our body & it needs hydration daily. Moisturisers act as just that, hydrators for your top layer of skin & if it doesn't receive any hydration, it can appear dry, dull, lifeless & more aged. Think of it as giving your skin a big drink of water as well as helping your skin barrier function more efficiently & keeping your serums goodness in your skin. As we age our skin loses its ability to retain water, so moisturising at any age is important.

Morning moisturisers should always be applied straight after your serum & right before your SPF. They are going to protect your skin barrier during the day as well as protecting you from free radical damage, a.k.a accelerated ageing. Your AM moisturiser can also contain SPF so that you are moisturised & protected at the same time. We usually like a lighter moisturiser for the day that also sits well under make-up if you wear it. 
Here are my top 5 morning moisturisers: 
  1. Aspect Dr Resveratrol - SHOP HERE
    -It's packed with antioxidants to protect your skin from daily environmental stressors
    -Best for dry skins or anyone wanting anti-ageing benefits
    -Sits well under makeup & will make your skin feel super smooth & hydrated 
  2. Aspect Ultra Light Hydration - SHOP HERE
    -Providing ultimate hydration without feeling heavy on the skin
    -Best for acne prone, congested skins or oily skins
    -Great for male skins 
  3. Image Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF32 - SHOP HERE
    -Providing hydration as well as 30 + SPF coverage
    -Sits well under make-up-Contains micro sponges to soak up any excess oil during the day
    -Feels more like a light moisturiser then a SPF & doesn't leave a white film on the skin
    -Best for oily & congested skins.
  4. Cosmedix Harmonize Microbiome Boosting Moisturiser - SHOP HERE
    Deeply hydrating moisturiser
    -Leaves your skin feeling super smooth & soft
    -Helps strengthen your skin's natural moisture barrier
    -Best for dry skin types & anyone concerned with ageing. 
  5. Aspect Phytostat 9 - SHOP HERE
    -Great all rounder for every skin type
    -Provides instant hydration & sits well under make-up
    -Works on protecting your skin's barrier function
Our skin repairs whilst we sleep so your night moisturiser will usually be thicker & more nourishing so it can get to work on repairing any damage done to your skin in the day. It also feels nicer at night to apply a thicker moisturiser at night & almost like beauty sleep for your skin. 
My top 5 evening moisturisers include (full disclosure, I LOVE Image Skincare moisturisers, we see amazing results in our clinic with them and our clients love the changes they can see when using them in their routines)
  1. Image Ormedic Balancing Biopeptide Creme - SHOP HERE
    -Repairs an unbalanced & sensitive skin
    -Contains hyaluronic acid, botanical butter & peptides
    -Feels velvety when applied
    -Leaves your skin glowing
    -Best for sensitive skins & skins needing repair 
  2. Image The Max Stem Cell Creme - SHOP HERE
    -The ultimate anti-ageing creme
    -Packed with plant stem cells to repair damage
    -Containing peptides to smooth wrinkle formation
    -Best for anyone concerned with ageing
    -Thick & luxurious creme 
  3. Image Clear Cell Clarifying Repair Creme - SHOP HERE
    -Gel like creme formula helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes
    -Containing bakuchiol which is a vitamin a alternative that helps speed up your cell turn over
    -Contains salicylic acid to clean out your pores & kill bacteria
    -Contains ceramides & squalane to repair your skins barrier & add hydration to your skin's barrier 
  4. MooGoo Night Restoration Cream - SHOP HERE
    -Providing ultra hydration without a heavy film
    -Containing lactic acid for hydration as well as exfoliation
    -Best for all skin types 
  5. Image Iluma Intense Brightening Creme - SHOP HERE
    -Helps to fade the appearance of pigmentation & even out the skin's complexion
    -Containing vectorize technology which slow releases the ingredients into your skin for long lasting effects
    -Containing radiance boosting peptides

If you are unsure which moisturisers will bring out the best in your skin, book in a free virtual consult with one of our Dermal Therapists here.


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