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How Thalgo Beats Winter Skin

This year fight the damaging effects of winter by giving your skin the regenerative power of Thalgo’s Source Marine range.

Winter brings dryness and dullness, causing you and your skin to not feel at your best.

The way in which Thalgo combats this is looking back to where life itself first thrived; the ocean.

The Ocean: Life’s Biggest Source

Human life has always had a fundamental connection to the oceans.

Three billion years ago, the rich and nourishing ocean environment gave birth to the first life form on earth – a single-cell blue alga. This single-cell blue alga eventually evolved and allowed human life to flourish.

The heart of the ocean is intrinsic to human life and this fundamental belief is at the core of Thalgo’s pioneering research into marine cosmetics.

How does this help your skin?

Algae are the plants of the future with a mineral concentration up to 10, 000 times higher than terrestrial plants. Hence, marine based active ingredients and bio-affinity form the source of extraordinary results in their marine products and for your skin.

Thalgo uses micronutrients from patented marine algae extracts. These assimilate with your skin at a cellular level due to their bio-similarity to human tissues.

The results are transformative, truly capturing the regenerative power of the ocean.

How the Hydra Marine range beats winter skin

These products contain even more minerals than sea water, with

  • 14 x richer in Silicium which increases skin strength and elasticity
  • 12 x more concentrated in Manganese which causes increased collagen production
  •  8 x more concentrated in Zinc that works as an antioxidant, as well as helping to heal and rejuvenate the skin

They hydrate skin cells one by one and are backed with detoxifying Lumisource, creating perfect new radiance to thirsty skin.


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