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Clear and Glow with Clear Start FlashFoliant

We all know that breakouts go hand in hand with young skin. A sudden tsunami of hormones during puberty leads to an increase in oil production, paving the way for congestion and breakouts.

The first step to treating teenage breakouts is getting started with a simple daily routine that includes exfoliation. This routine should consist of a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturiser and SPF for the daytime. Of course, if your new to skincare then you’re going to want quick and easy solutions.

Fast track to clearer skin with FlashFoliant

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The NEW Clear Start FlashFoliant from Dermalogica delivers clearer, brighter skin in a flash! There’s no rinse required - this leave-on foaming chemical exfoliant treats oil and breakouts on the go, whiling increasing glow.

More on exfoliation

Exfoliation, which follows cleansing, is a key strategy for clearing breakouts. Exfoliants work by removing dead skin and build up, helping to clear pores. When choosing an exfoliant for your breakouts, it’s best to go for a chemical exfoliant, rather than a physical scrub which can aggravate existing breakouts. Chemical exfoliants, such as Hydroxy Acids, gently dissolve the glue that holds the dead skin cells together, creating a burst of exfoliation.

More on the Clear Start product system

Clear Start is on a mission to empower teenagers and young adults to feel more confident in their skin. The range features clinically proven solutions for breakout prone skin. It contains active breakout-fighting ingredients and soothing natural botanicals that keep skin clear, hydrated and balanced, without stripping.

What ingredients are found in FlashFoliant

  • Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid that decongests and treats redness in one, making it ideal for treating breakouts.
  • Grape Extract provides a source of Hydroxy Acids that exfoliates dead skin cells to help clean and smooth the skin.
  • Tangerine Peel Extract is a brightener, designed to increase skin glow.

How to use FlashFoliant

Using FlashFoliant is as easy as flip, squeeze, foam and glow! It can be used once a day to help keep on top of breakouts and promote a healthy skin. After cleansing, turn the FlashFoliant bottle upside down and dispense the foam into your hands. Lightly massage the foam onto the face, neck and chest, no need to rinse, once absorbed, follow with a moisturiser. 

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