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Why we are obsessed with dry body brushing

There are plenty of wellness trends on the market today, from hot water and lemon every morning to adaptogens in your coffee and the best of them all, dry body brushing. The claims behind this beauty trend include daily brushing your body with a bristled brush can do everything from increase circulation, reduce cellulite, banish stretch marks and reveal model-worthy limbs. Here we took a closer look into this magical ritual to determine exactly whether or not it can really make us look like we just walked off the runway.

What Is Dry Body Brushing?

Dry body brushing, is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that has gained recent popularity in the wellness world.

It requires sweeping a dry bristle brush across your skin and up towards the heart to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation and blood flow, clear your head, and all while supplying your skin with a burst of exfoliation. Now there is actually no definite scientific evidence to support the claims that this kind of brushing can reduce cellulite and remove the body of toxins. However, many wellness experts stand by the fact that this technique is a form of lymphatic drainage which when performed correctly, is proven to rid the body of toxins and promote a healthy digestive tract. Definitely worth a go if you ask me!

Here's how you can dry body brush:

The technique is crucial when dry body brushing because it's part of the ancient practice. Using a natural fibre brush, work your way from your feet in upward strokes towards your heart. Some people find it therapeutic and relaxing, just remember not to scrub too hard. Dry body brushing is an absolute no-go for anyone with inflamed skin or sensitive skin conditions.

Light pressure is important when first starting out, particularly on the areas where your skin is thinner like the chest and abdomen. A pink flush to the skin afterwards is normal and always follow with a deeply hydrating moisturiser.

My experience with dry body brushing

I have been dry body brushing a couple of times each week for years now. I absolutely LOVE this ritual, my skin always feels smoother, much more hydrated and “firm” after. Although there's no obvious reduction in cellulite or stretch marks, I can say it has helped with reducing fluid retention, digestion and bloating. As well as making my skin glow after each body brushing session :)


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