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Sharni answers your top questions on face serums!

What is a serum?

Think of serums like the vitamins of your routine. Though they wont magically change your skin overnight, overtime they can make a dramatic difference.

A face serum is formulated to deeply penetrate the skin and deliver specific results.

Serums are designed to use daily and usually twice a day to get the maximum benefits. Because a serum is usually lighter than a cream based product or an oil, this means that they are absorbed a lot easier into the skin and are able to target areas of concern and overtime make changes.

What do face serums do?

There are many serums on the market today. All with the intention of providing different results for different issues. The most popular concerns a face serum is used to treat are, hyper-pigmentation, anti ageing and acne prone skin.

Is serum the same as a moisturiser?

Although they can be very hydrating, the answer is no. Serums can be packed with moisturising ingredients to help your skin retain moisture. But, with that being said, that doesn't make them moisturisers. Face lotions and creams are richer and heavier, they create a barrier on the top layer of the skin to keep all the good stuff locked in.

What's the difference between serum and face oil?

Traditionally a serum is water-based.

There are water-based serums and there are oil-based serums. Water-based serums go under the cream and they are very important. These ones nourish the inner layer of the skin because the molecule is so small it penetrates through the layers of your skin. The oil-based serums go on top of your moisturiser because they have a much bigger molecule. They're supposed to keep the cream and whatever you put underneath locked in during the entire day.

Why are they so $$$!?

Yes, a good serum is usually on the pricier end of the skincare world, but for a good reason. Serums are extremely concentrated and potent, this means you are getting your moneys worth here AND the results will speak of themselves.

What ingredients should I choose for my skin goals?

Anti-Ageing / Fine Lines & Wrinkles

ASAP Super A+ Serum

DermaQuest Skin Rebuilding Serum

Image Skincare The Max Wrinkle Smoother

Acne & Congestion

DermaQuest Niacinamide Youth Serum

Aspect Dr. Exfol A Plus

Image Skincare Clear Cell Restoring Serum

Pigmentation and Hyper-pigmentation

DermaQuest C3 Serum

Aspect Dr. Complete Pigment Plus

Image Skincare Iluma Facial Illuminator

Dull and dehydrated

Cosmedix Surge Serum

Aspect Hydrating Serum

Image Skincare Ageless Hyaluronic Filler


DermaQuest Peptide Facial Booster

Image Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum

So should I try one?

Yes yes and yes. Serums are the optimal way to personalise your skin routine and get the desired result you’re looking for, the options are literally endless.

If you are unsure what serum is best for you or you’re struggling to decide between all the products on our website. Book in for a complimentary online consultation with one of our dermal therapists and we can help you decide the best option for you. 


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