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Prodermal launches Cosmedix

Our goal at Prodermal is to promote health and wellness of the skin by ensuring we offer our customers their favourite skincare brands at great value, professional service and advice. We are excited to launch Cosmedix to sit alongside our existing skincare ranges.

Why Cosmedix?

Cosmedix is a leading transformative range of skincare that is used and recommended by Dermatologists and professional skincare therapists worldwide. Our byline of skincare science fits into our goal of ensuring we offer our customers skincare products that we know will make a true difference to the skin.

What is Cosmedix?

Cosmedix is a chirally correct, plant-based skincare range that contains no artificial colours, preservatives, or fragrances. Cosmedix give the origins of their ingredients and take pride in having the highest percentages of active ingredients. They have created patented skin products using super clean active ingredients, luxurious textures and pure botanicals. Cosmedix delivers transformative results to all skin types and all products are free of harsh ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEGs, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, glycolic acid and artificial dyes and fragrances. Best of all, all formulas are proudly cruelty-free.

What is chirally correct skincare?

Cosmedix takes advantage of new technology with their chirally correct skincare range. When products are chirally correct they are molecularly good for the skin and provide better ingredient absorption and better overall skin results. It works like this; each cell receptor or molecule has a "spin" either to the left or the right. The skin has millions of receptors with a very precise process of instructions to the cells they are attached to. An ingredient attaching to these receptors is like a lock and key scenario and if the ingredient trying to reach a skin receptor has an incorrect "spin", means it doesn't "unlock" the key. When chirally correct formulas attach and "unlock" the key scenario, the ingredients perform to their optimal, giving excellent skin benefits with less reaction on the skin.

The range

Cosmedix have a complete range of transformative skincare that you will love. They have a regimen tailored to your unique skincare needs and concerns that lets you a create start-to-finish, clean skincare.

Our faves...

Reboot Serum

Cosmedix's latest multitasking probiotic skin booster brings a sense of harmony and balance to skin while you rest. It's a concentrated probiotic formula developed to work at improving hydration and reducing the appearance of wrinkles overnight, so you can wake up to a smoother, softer and more youthful looking complexion.  Its super soothing and calming for all skin types including sensitive skins.  Simply apply at night after cleansing and toning and follow with your moisturiser.

Enhance Lip Mask

We love the Enhance Lip Mask as it helps to deeply condition your lips.  This is an ultra-nourishing, lip-plumping mask that delivers immediate comfort and moisture using a unique blend of high-performance oils and natural emollients.  It can be used throughout the day or applied in a thick layer at night as an overnight treatment. Perfect for the cooler months ahead, this is a must have favourite. 

Bio Shape Firming Mask

Try this age-defying mask to help improve your skin texture. This ultra rich mask delivers instant and long term lifting, tightening and smoothing benefits to skin. It's great for mature and dry skins to use up to 3 times a week or can be left on overnight for maximum benefits.

Opti Crystal

Let's not forget the delicate eye area with this age-defying eye serum that nourishes the skin to fight the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.  Recommended for all eye areas and especially dry skin it instantly illuminates the under-eye area.  Use daily and apply a small amount patted around the orbital bone/eye area.

As part of our prodermal service, we offer professional consultations and recommendations on all products.  Simply email or call us on 02 9423 3690 for any skincare questions you may have.

Cosmedix is available NOW from prodermal.

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