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NEW! Precleanse Balm

Part two of our cleanest skin ever blog is dedicated to Dermalogica’s latest product release,Precleanse Balm.

The Prodermal team attended the launch of Precleanse Balm this week and found out the latest info on cleansing with Dermalogica’s newest hero product, Precleanse Balm!

Dennille Ludenau, Dermalogica’s Corporate Training Manager, launched the product and had some interesting stats* to share from the International Dermal Institute;

  • 27% of the women surveyed had gone two days without washing their face.
  • 54% had stained bedsheets from going to sleep with make up on.
  • 24% never cleansed after exercise.
  • Women only spend on average 10 – 20 seconds washing their face.

So, some scary facts along with our skin accumulating dirt in the form of pollutants, sunscreen, stay on/colour fast make-ups combined with the skins natural oils means that regular cleansing just won’t clean our skin properly.

As Dermalogica devotees, we understand that the double cleanse is the best way to achieve a healthy and clean skin, but how can we introduce Precleanse Balm into our regime and how does it work differently to Precleanse?

Dennille explained that Precleanse Balm is like the sister product to the original Precleanse. They both work in the same way by cutting through the dirt on the skin, however, they are different in formulation.

Whilst Precleanse is in a liquid oil format, Precleanse Balm is in a solid balm to oil formulation and is great for normal to dry skin. Precleanse Balm’s solid formulation transforms upon application with warmth to melt away excess oil, waterproof make up, environmental pollutants and residual build up on the skin which then allows your prescribed Dermalogica cleanser to work more effectively to provide cleaner skin results.

Precleanse Balm comes with a cleansing mitt which is double-sided to assist the balm by offering a gentle but effective cleanse. Its ergonomically design makes it easy to use, dry and store.

The active ingredients in Precleanse Balm include Apricot Kernel Oil which is a lightweight oil that has excellent rehydrating properties along with a natural bio lipid complex that reinforces the skins barrier function whilst a blend of essential oils purify and clean the skin.

Precleanse Balm is also perfect for travel due to its sold form, therefore makes it a great travel friendly product in lieu of Precleanse.

How to use Precleanse Balm:

The best way to use Precleanse Balm is to use an almond size and place directly onto the cleansing mitt on a DRY skin. Massage into the skin in circular motions. Add water to emulsify (just like Precleanse), rinse and follow with your Dermalogica cleanser of choice.

In the packaging, you will find a DIY application technique to follow for best results. The cleansing mitt comes with every tube of Precleanse Balm as well as a cute small mitt in the travel size product. A tube of Precleanse Balm 90ml will last you approximately 82 uses with the travel size at 15ml lasting about 17 uses.

Personally, I have already fallen in love with this product, particularly as my skin is drier and reacts easily. The mitt is easy to use and ensures no part of my face is left dirty. My skin was left soft and felt super clean after my double cleanse and its now my favourite go to product!

I can’t wait for you to try it for yourself.... Precleanse Balm is ready for pre-order now.

Yours in skin,

The Prodermal Team x

*(stats based on 1000 women surveyed 18+)

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