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Gehwol - Skin care for your feet

Gehwol is the world’s most comprehensive line of effective therapeutic foot care products. The products address concerns such as sore, hot, tired and painful feet. Gehwol’s foot care products use quality ingredients and pure essential oils to achieve balance and harmony for your feet.

The story began in Lubbecke, Germany in 1868 with Pharmacist Eduard Gerlach taking over his father's goods store and expanding it to include a drug store - the first of its kind in the county where he lived.

Eduard Gerlach is considered to be a pioneer of modern foot care, due to the fact that he developed the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments. Personal experience and professional knowledge were of great assistance to him.

As a soldier he was able to find out for himself how unbearably painful sore feet can be. As a pharmacist, he was able to successfully mix fundamental substances such as potassium carbonate, unsaturated fatty acids, mineral-based lubricants and disinfecting essential oils in such a way that he was able to market “E. Gerlach’s Preservative Cream” in 1882

Over 150 years later, the business is run by fifth generation Gerlach family and continues to be at the forefront of advanced foot care products.

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