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Aspect launch NEW Super Serum

The team at Prodermal are excited to launch a new product from the Aspect range of skincare products.  Welcome Super Serum... the latest in skincare technology and innovation. 

The new Super Serum boosts and super charges the results of any skincare routine to achieve healthier, younger looking skin. Combining liposome technology enzymes derived from the earth, antioxidants & hyaluronic acid, this targeted serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve tone and clarity of the skin. 

What types of skin are best suited for the Super Serum?

All skin types but especially ageing, hyper-pigmented and photo-damaged skins. The Super Serum is also excellent to be used post procedure treatment.

What are the main benefits of the Super Serum?

The Super Serum is developed to provide superior antioxidant protection, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and evens out skin tone.  It also helps to aid in skin recovery and boost hydration.

What type of ingredient technology is used?

Enzymes like Anacystis Nidulans, an enzyme sourced from Plankton has direct antioxidant action to avoid the development of photodamage by products that destroy the skin’s matrix. Micrococcus leteusis an enzyme extracted from marine waters and soil that aids in faster skin cell recovery post UV exposure. Finally, another enzyme that is sourced from the Mustard Seed delivers powerful antioxidant protection.  Amino acids are used as another form of antioxidant protection to minimise cell damage. 

What the best way to use the Super Serum?

The Super Serum can be used both morning and night and applied after cleansing the skin using one metered dose to the skin.  It's recommended to always use a sunscreen during daylight hours over the top.  For post procedure, its best applied 24 hours after treatment.

What else is new from Aspect skincare?

Aspect will be adding a new signature blend to their existing products, with some already on our shelves! This new blend delivers the benefit of antioxidant protection, skin brightening and hydration support to the skin. This new signature blend contains organic Australian indigenous super fruits: 

Kakadu Plumis the world’s highest source of bio-available Vitamin C. Packed with powerful polyphenols. 

Davidson Plum, packed with an exciting range of phyto-active compounds including Tartaric Acid, Gallic Acid, Quercetin and Anthocyanin. 

Lemon MyrtleA powerhouse of antioxidants that target a range of skin concerns, including photo damage and dehydration. 

Dessert Lime, a botanical extract delivering natural, stable and active bio-available Vitamin C.

Mountain Pepper Berrydelivers powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning properties. It also supports Vitamin C stability and collagen production.

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