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Are at-home devices & beauty tools worth the hype?

Navigating through the jungle of at-home-skin-care devices can be tricky. You cant exactly give them a little “test drive” and some of these devices can leave our wallets looking a little sad. However, every now and again a new shiny device shows up on our Instagram feed or google explore page and we see something that has the potential to supercharge our skincare routine and leave us looking and feeling like we just turned back the clock ten years. We put this post together to answer your top questions. Is this device worth the money? Will it genuinely work? 

The answer is YES to the following ones that our Dermal Therapists have tried and tested themselves! From cheekbone sculpting jade rollers to acne busting LED devices. Read on to hear the explanation as to why and how these results-driven devices are worth every cent.

BT Sonic

The BT-Sonic was designed by skin experts, to give the client an at-home tool that will effectively clean and cleanse their skin in between visits. The triangular cleansing head reaches even the hardest to reach contours of the face, delivering results in places round brushes simply can’t go and it/s hygienic, silver ion infused Azul silicone bristles deliver superb cleansing and exfoliating results without stressing the skin the way traditional brushes can. The micro-sonic waves pulsate at up to 20,000 vibrations per second, removing dirt and debris and optimising the performance of cleansers, serums and masks.
If you’re someone who struggles with congestion, acne, a dull complexion or simply just want to boost your skincare routine and take your skin to the next level, this cleansing brush is a MUST!

Micro Fusion

Exfoliate, extract & infuse with this true professional device, that you can utilise in the comfort of your home. It boasts exceptional, industry-leading ultrasonic power that will elevate your skin & give you results you wouldn't believe!

Why we love it:

It's easy to use! It has an intuitive 2 button control which gives quick access to 3 modes and 2 power levels, while the LED indicators show exactly where you are at a glance. Let's take a look at the 3 modes:

1. EXFOL Mode (Exfoliation)
Maximises the cleansing and exfoliation steps, helping to gently remove dulling dead skin debris, excess oils and impurities for exceptionally clean skin.

2. CLEAR Mode (Extractions) Helps to loosen impacted oils and dead skin cells for exceptional at home extractions, helping to safely remove blackheads.

3. APPLY Mode (Product application)
Helps to deliver your serums and moisturisers to the skin, optimising absorption.

Dermalux Flex

The Dermalux is clinically proven to be beneficial for your skin. The Flex is the most advanced, portable LED device in the world. Offering relief from so many skin irritations like redness, acne, psoriasis and many more, this medically CE-certified device is a cut above the rest.

The Dermalux Flex is a portable professional LED phototherapy device featuring top LED technology and the Dermalux guarantee of quality and efficacy. The flexible LED canopy is secured in a base unit for application to the face and can be removed and positioned flat for treatment of the body also. The Flex offers the perfect complexion boost and can be integrated to enhance and accelerate treatment results. The Dermalux uses unique combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths. As the light triggers a whole cascade of skin enhancing processes, the benefits continue even after the treatment has finished. The Dermalux Flex is suitable for treating: acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea, eczema, dry skin, dermatitis, scars and wound healing.

Dermalist Skinwand

The Dermalist cleansing brush, features a silicone brush head as opposed to a traditional brush head. This is ideal because it is non-porous, and therefore much more resistant to bacterial build-up, so these are a great option for those with sensitive or blemish-prone skin. The bristles are also softer and more pliable, so are overall more gentle on your complexion. Perfect for anyone looking to boost their at-home cleansing routine. The addition of the gentle silicone head makes it the perfect device for younger teenage complexions too.

Crystal Roller with gua sha

Not just around for the hype, this crystal trio is here to stay and it is definitely what you need in your life right now. They are an affordable addition to any routine that is proven to promote healthy circulation, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, inflammation, redness, negative energy and lift, sculpt and tighten the face, neck and décolletage. For an added de-puffing effect, store your Gua Sha and crystal roller in the fridge to keep it nice and cold.

DIY Facial Kits

Not exactly a “device” but a welcome addition to any at-home routine if you are in lockdown, to take your skin to the next level when paired with one of the devices listed above. Whether it be one of the Dermalogica at-home facial kits, or a specially formulated facial kit from the dermal clinicians at Face Mediskin. These kits are a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated during lockdown. The packs contain enough products for 3-4 professional treatments that you can do all in the comfort of your own home. These are a must for any skincare routine if you ask us!


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